I Do’s and I Didn’ts

28 Oct

A Toque Wedding

I promise to not go on and on about my wedding.

From this day forward, for better or for worse, in sickness (like when I’m too stuffed up to come up with original posts) and in health (like when I’d rather be running), I will not inundate you with know-it-all bridal advice.

Except this once. I solemnly swear.

Please, please, please remember to do these things on your big day:

1. Moisturize your elbows! I had way too many other things on my mind that morning to think about my elbows.  Holy smokes, I wish I given them even one little second of attention. My elbows are all over the photos. Hugging, kissing, cake-cutting, exchanging rings – elbows everywhere. And mine look like flaky mini-volcanoes of dead skin erupting off my arms.

2. Put on perfume. I brought the boy’s favourite perfume especially for the wedding day. It’s SJP’s Lovely, if you’re wondering. He calls it “Berlin” because it reminds him of our long-ago reunion in the German capitol. But I forgot to spritz it on that morning. I smelled of hairspray rather than Berlin. (My sister told me she forgot, too. Really, who’s thinking about perfume?)

3. Re-sew the edge of your veil onto the hair clip, no matter how solid it looks. I repeat, no matter how solid it looks. Over the course of the day, I hugged a gazillion people, hiked into a forest, drove up and down and up and down a mountain and kissed the groom four gazillion times. By the end, my veil was hanging by a thread. My brother’s girlfriend performed emergency surgery with bobby pins to make me semi-respectable again.

4. Put your keys somewhere responsible. And make sure the groom puts your keys somewhere responsible. You know, just in case you’re leaving for the honeymoon in the morning and you’ve got a long drive ahead. Because you’d hate to spend your first day of wedding bliss bickering about who lost the keys. (And if that happens, check his mom’s purse.)

5. Break in your shoes in advance. Not just the shoes for the day of but the-night-before shoes, too. Because if you get blisters the night before, you’ll still have blisters the next day. I must have skipped that lesson in school.

Something I’m very happy we did:

1. The night before the wedding, friends suggested that the new husband and I take 10-15 minutes to be alone at some point during the day – whether driving up to the reception together or hiding out by the lake before dinner. We drove ourselves around for the photos, alone, and it was our only chance to say, “Wow. You look awesome. And this is amazing.”

A Moment of Awesome, Photo by Jennifer Dykstra of Open Image


PS – Just in case you guys didn’t read the comments, my sisters added something very important to the list — floss. In the car that takes you to the ceremony, not stored in the car that you’re using to get away from the ceremony. Now, if you do forget the floss and no one has a stray thread that they’d dare pull, you can always use a driver’s license. Just an idea.


3 Responses to “I Do’s and I Didn’ts”

  1. Laura Kumin October 28, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

    Loved the list – congrats! Laura (from mediabistro class)

  2. Nicole Zacharias October 28, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    It was such a beautiful, beautiful day!
    -never noticed your elbows…
    -I would also suggest dental floss in your MOH’s purse
    love, nic

  3. Sarah Frangou October 29, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    HAHA defintely floss but the paper insert from a Saskatchewan drivers license will suffice.

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