Water and more water, please

27 Oct

In January, I went to South America with a girlfriend of mine, who happens to be a holistic nutritionist and the very image of good health. We met up in Houston, on the Rio de Janeiro-bound plane. This was not without stress. Thanks to delays from Toronto, my lovely friend barely caught the flight. So, when she bounded aboard at the very last second, we did a dance of joy in the aisle.

We sat in our seats, thrilled to be together and on our way.

I turned to her and said, “You look fantastic!”

Her response: “Thanks. Your skin looks really dehydrated.”


We’ve laughed about that a few times since then. And I’m so thankful she pointed it out, because my skin was reflecting my bad habits. For most of my adult life, drinking water has never been a priority.

Since that comment — and that trip — I’ve made a solid effort to drink more water. But I’ve really notched up my efforts the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because the cold weather is coming and my fingers are so dry they’re about to fall off. Maybe it’s because it’s finally setting in that urban girl cannot survive on coffee and wine alone. Maybe it’s because I’m more thirsty. I don’t know. All I know is I’m drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day and it feels good.

Sure, my coworkers think there’s something wrong with me; I’m wearing the carpet between my office and the bathroom thin in a hurry. The good news: I do think my bladder’s adjusting. And the funny thing is, the more I drink, the more thirsty I get. Weird.

That’s why I never leave home without a trusty 1.5-litre water bottle.



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