Fabulous F.A.W.’s

26 Oct

We’re completely smitten with fingerless arm warmers. Smitten.

The boy calls them our “homeless people mittens.” Ha-ha. Very funny. He obviously does not get our sartorial wit.

Really, how could a girl not fall hard for these fun ones from Roots?

Fingerless Arm Warmers (On a Girl Who Needs a Manicure)

For an accessory seemingly without purpose, these F.A.W.’s are surprisingly wearable. They work well for:

  1. Outdoor runs when it’s too hot for a sweater, too cold for a T-shirt;
  2. Fancy dress outings involving sweaters/coats with three-quarter length sleeves;
  3. Sleepovers at friends’ country houses when covers and flannel jammies can’t keep the cold out;
  4. Adventures around autumn farmer’s markets, paired with a jean jacket and scarf;
  5. Study sessions in coffeehouses.

A cautionary note: they do not — and we can’t emphasize this enough — work well at events attended by orthopedic surgeons. I wore a pair of cozy cashmere UGG arm warmers in cream to a party with orthopedic surgeons. They all thought I had bilateral wrist fractures.

A definite fashion buzz killer.



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