New Adidas Kicks

25 Oct

I’ve been going to the gym for more than 12 years now. And in 12 years, this is how many times someone has exclaimed over my running shoes: zero.

That’s why I think my new lightweight shoes, the Adidas adiZero Boston runners, deserve a shout out. The first time I wore them to the gym a couple of weeks ago, the girl behind the desk literally shouted out, “Oh my god! I love your shoes! They’re so sexy. They’re so bright!”

Are you asking yourself, “How bright can they really be?” Check ’em out:

When I first spotted these shoes at The Tech Shop, I immediately thought two things:

1) Those are very, very flashy.

2) I like them, but have absolutely no workout clothes that would match them. (Yes, I’m like that.)

Instead of leave the little puppies on the shelves, I tried them on. They fit well. They were light. Best of all, I thought, if I got lost on a nighttime run, I could use them to illuminate a way home.

The decision was made; the Boston shoes were mine. Next stop? Lululemon, my favourite workout gear clothing store. I snagged an all-black pair of running capris and a black and grey top, as well. I was set.

Since that first shopping spree, I’ve come to realize that  my workout clothes need not take inspiration from the grim reaper’s colour palette. I’m back to wearing my usual bright tops and running pants, and it’s been working out just fine. Plus, I’ve had comments from a few girls, in the change room and on the gym floor, about my pretty new shoes. (Thanks, girls!)

The moral of the story? Never fear a bright pair of shoes. They just might turn out to be your favourites.



One Response to “New Adidas Kicks”

  1. Tim Skje February 27, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Those are magnets for sneaker fetishists 🙂

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