And they’re back!

20 Oct

Hello dears!

Our apologies for disappearing from your computer screens for the last six weeks. We could lie to you and tell you that every single one of our fingers dropped off.

But with two girls, that’s 20 fingers and extremely low odds that you’d believe us. So here’s the truth: one of us got married, one moved (without leaving town, thank goodness!), someone went to San Francisco and shopped too much, someone went to DC and shopped too much, a husband moved in, someone organized a major charity luncheon. There were charity races and new boys, pregnant sisters and pregnant sisters-in-law and two more girlfriends went from pregnancy to motherhood. Things have been, you know, busy.

We promise never to disappear again. Talk to you tomorrow.

Oh, and check out this new lovely toque from Anthropologie. It’s from the cute Anthropologie in Georgetown. (Less than one month to go and we’ll have an Anthropologie within lunch-hour radius. Dangerous.)

Anthropologie Solitary Hat



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