Weekend Getaway Essentials

3 Aug

On Friday afternoon, we Toque Girls hit the highway. Our destination? Clear Lake, a lovely, deep and, yes, clear lake roughly 4.5 hours northeast of Calgary. Michelle’s family has a lakefront cabin – the perfect location to escape from the city, to soak up some sun and to catch up on our reading.

In preparation for our weekend away, we exchanged many emails, text messages and phone calls about what to pack. (Style must not be sacrificed, even while on vacation.) In the end, we came up with a list of don’t-leave-home-without-these essentials.

Here’s what the Toque Girls bring for a weekend away:

  • Iced coffee from Tim Hortons. This is key for the road trip portion of the weekend away.
  • Caramel Baileys. You need this stuff for your coffee. For real. Pour it in your coffee in the morning and then taste heaven. (Regular Baileys will also work in a pinch, but it’s the caramel that really seals the deal.)

  • Lots and lots of bikinis.
  • Lots and lots of veggies, meat, eggs, Caesars (see our post about a great Caesar recipe), fruit, snacks and ice cream sandwiches. Did we mention ice cream sandwiches?
  • A good pair of flip flops.
  • A great group of friends.
  • Blistex with SPF 15.
  • A stack of the latest intellectually stimulating magazines. We like People Style Watch, In Style and Us Weekly. For meatier reading, we turn to The Walrus and Vogue.
  • Oversized men’s shirts to wear as cover-ups.
  • Running shoes and yoga mats. Running in the morning – before the coffee and Caramel Baileys, ideally – is what keeps us sane and fit while we’re away. If we’re feeling extra ambitious, we might even tackle some downward dogs.
  • A selection of hats and toques, of course.

And that, friends, is our recipe for weekend success.


One Response to “Weekend Getaway Essentials”

  1. Lisa McCluskey November 4, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    Nice volleyball net michelle! didn’t get used much during this rainy summer i don’t think. Brent just told me about your blog, it looks awesome!

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