Hat Tricks

3 Aug
Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

Gucci Toque, image courtesy of Gucci.com

We recently attended the 2010 Holt Renfrew Fall Fashion Launch. Always a fun affair, this event involves drinking champagne while watching the sexiest employees of Calgary Holt’s walk down a makeshift runway wearing the “must haves” for the upcoming season.

Now, should you ever get invited to one of these events, it’s key to comport yourself appropriately. By that, we mean dress fashionably (without looking like you’re trying to hard), drink champagne gracefully while taking notes and photos, and display interest in the clothes while maintaining a certain air of haughtiness. It’s a tough act.

And we failed miserably. Here’s why: Barb Atkin, the vice-president of fashion direction for Holt Renfrew, called toques the absolute “must have” accessory for men and women in all seasons. At that point, we started nudging each other like two junior high girls who just got winked at by a high school quarterback. Yep, we were pretty chuffed.

According to the always stylishly dressed Ms. Atkin (who stole the show in her blue python print Stella McCartney dress), toques have been popping up everywhere all summer. She’s seen them on stylish lids in airports and in downtown Toronto on 30-plus days.

Ahhh.. Music to our ears.  Check out this little Gucci number that’ll be in Holt Renfrew stores this fall.


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