I Do. Now where’s my drink?

3 Aug
Hester Creek Pinot Gris

Hester Creek Pinot Gris

We’ve some exciting news for you, dear readers. One of the Toques — Christina, a.k.a. Curly  Toque — is getting married next month, in a lovely mountain wedding just outside Fernie, BC.  Things are pretty exciting over here in Toque-ville these days and we’ll fill you in on wedding details in the weeks to come.

For now, let’s discuss priorities. Numero Uno is wedding vino. Christina and the Boy feel it’s very important that their BC wedding features BC wines. (And BC microbeers, too, but that’s another post.) The Okanagan Valley of BC is Canada’s answer to Napa Valley, and is increasing known for its ice wines, pinot noirs and Germanic whites. In other words: perfect for wedding wines.

After a happy weekend of tastings, we’ve selected the Hester Creek Cabernet/Merlot for the dinner red – a wonderful complement to the main course, a Sumac-spiced elk tenderloin (Shhh….I’m not supposed to tell anyone that.) Now we’re trying to settle on a white. The only requirements are that it’s from BC and under $20 a bottle. Front-runners include Hector Creek’s Pinot Gris and Opogoo’s Lair Pinot Grigio by Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery.

What about you, friends? Any BC wines to recommend?


One Response to “I Do. Now where’s my drink?”

  1. Cynthia November 9, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    Curly Toque is right – it was the perfect vino… I find myself craving it. Perfect choice for the perfect occassion! I actually tried a BC Gertz a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised at the quality available (almost in) our backyards!

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