Bicycle Diaries

3 Aug


Evelyn Stevens, photo courtesy of

Evelyn Stevens, photo courtesy of

Anyone else infatuated with the Tour de France this year? We couldn’t get enough, and for two reasons: first, Victoria’s Ryder Hesjedal raced to Canada’s first top 10 finish since 1998 (read about his unique training in this great Globe and Mail article); and, two, we started road biking this summer. We’ve fallen hard for the sport but not, thankfully, literally fallen. Yet.

What makes this strange sport so great? You are, after all, racing along the side of the highway at speeds upwards of city speed laws, balanced precariously on two skinny tires, with nothing but a helmet and gloves for protection. To add to the terror, your feet are clipped — LOCKED! — into the pedals. Supposedly, a quick twist of the foot and you’re free. In reality, it takes several wrenching jerks of the entire leg and a whole heck of curse words to bust the foot loose.

Getting back to the point, what makes this such a great sport?

  1. It’s an amazing workout. Just check out the legs on the Tour de France cyclists. Our hearts be still.
  2. You travel much further and see much more than you do when running. Plus, it’s easier on the knees.
  3. What a great way to spend an hour or two with a friend or significant O. There is something incredibly sexy about watching your spandex-clad main squeeze pedaling in front of you. We know that the fashion Gods would frown on this statement. Yet oddly, the padded spandex shorts work. Kind of like when Kate Moss introduced the world to rubber boots with short shorts. Weird but sexy.

Stay tuned for future posts on how to get into road biking. Until then, we suggest hitting spinning classes.

PS — We’re not the only ones on the biking bandwagon. This month’s Vogue has an article about an Evelyn Stevens, an American investment banker turned cycling superstar (we can’t find it online but it’s on page 150 of the August edition).


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